SigNature® molecular inks

SigNature® molecular inks delivered with a Videojet 1860M printer, transform Videojet codes into a comprehensive supply chain certification solution. Unique to each customer, SigNature molecular inks are created with the addition of a unique, secure molecular tag. These tags facilitate traceability of products and packaging, enabling the forensic certification of origin, authenticity, provenance, quality, ethics, integrity, sustainability or other claims.

These inks are well-suited for odor-sensitive applications commonly found in baked food, tobacco, and coffee packaging, as well as baby, health, beauty, and personal care markets. They can also be used in critical component and aerospace applications. They deliver excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including: aluminum, glass, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyester, steel, and nylon.

  • Benefits
  • Documents
  • Unique, secure and durable tag
  • Forensic-level verification
  • Low odor
  • MEK-free, acetone-free, ethanol-free
  • Based on 16-8700 / V421 legacy ink formulas (aerospace approved)
  • Caustic removable
  • Some acetone resistance
  • Resistant to acids, Mil Spec Solvent C, mineral spirits, and oils