Printing on Retail-ready Packaging

Print Date Codes and Traceability Data onto pre-printed retail packaging

Retail-ready Packaging (RRP) is a high-growth segment of the food and consumer goods industry. The appeal of shelf-contained units is obvious as they get products to the shelf faster and save the time needed to unpack or set up product displays. Our range of equipment has the perfect printing solution for your date coding and batch coding needs.

Coated cardboard creates its own set of marking challenges where typical solutions for printing on corrugate are not sufficient. For small and medium codes, the Videojet thermal inkjet (TIJ) with MEK-based inks adhere to coated cardboard surfaces – alternatively, laser systems can be used to ablate the surface, leaving behind high resolution codes. Labelling with Direct Apply is yet a third option and works exceptionally well for trays, cartons and other low profile packaging.

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