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New 70-micron Nozzle for Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet Printer

New 70-micron Nozzle for Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet Printer

New nozzle offers extended benefits for manufacturers

CHICAGO – April 30, 2018 – Videojet understands that manufacturers require high-quality code readability and consistency when marking onto their products. In response to this need, Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, has introduced a new 70-micron nozzle for the Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer, offering a number of improved code benefits to manufacturers.  

The new 70-micron nozzle for the Videojet 1860 CIJ provides a higher contrast print through a larger drop volume that helps to create crisper, clearer codes. For manufactures who require the code to remain traceable through the lifetime of the product, the nozzle delivers superior print quality that enables the printed code to stand out on the packaging, and remain visible on the product.    

“The new 70-micron nozzle for the Videojet 1860 CIJ printer offers manufacturers a number of extended benefits, including higher contrast codes, enhanced code readability and improved substrate adhesion,” comments Anthony Blencowe, Global Business Unit Director for Videojet Technologies. 

Videojet understands that there are many substrates that can challenge the code quality and ink adhesion on the product. The new 70-micron nozzle also offers improved substrate adhesion, helping to mark codes more clearly. This is especially improved on demanding code-resistant substrates such as film, shrink wrap and laminated pouches.

The new nozzle also utilizes technology that produces larger ink drops to better cover the inter-drop spaces, offering improved quality codes. Manufacturers can benefit from enhanced readability of larger or stretched messages with the new 70-micron printhead.

All inks currently available for the 1860 60-micron nozzle are now available for the new 1860 70-micron nozzle. The 1860 CIJ ink range has been specially formulated for optimal performance and maximum uptime, allowing increased ink compatibility that can be matched for most applications. Videojet inks are designed for varying applications and production environments, allowing them to develop with changing production needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

The Videojet 1860 CIJ delivers performance without surprises, and has been designed using revolutionary technology to ensure consistent and reliable production uptime. The unique nozzle design delivers a cleaner start and print, with longer runs over wide ranges of changing production environments increasing confidence in code quality, with no surprises.

Anthony Blencowe, Global Business Unit Director at Videojet adds, “The 70-micron nozzle is a great addition to the 1860 printer solution, delivering performance without surprises.”

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