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New Videojet 1580 + Continuous Inkjet Printer Drives Improved Performance for Everyday Operation with Added Connectivity

Delivers consistent codes, increased uptime and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
with integrated Wi-Fi and webserver access

CHICAGO, IL – March 23, 2023 — With over 45 years of expertise in continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing technology, Videojet is pleased to launch the new Videojet 1580 + CIJ printer. Designed to drive improvement during everyday printer operation, the Videojet 1580 + delivers consistent uptime, assesses fluids consumption, and offers guidance to help ensure error-proof operation, all while printing codes, dates, and other variable data on products and packaging.

The 1580 + is engineered to help users meet their current and future Industry 4.0 goals with built-in connectivity. The 1580 + printer features built-in Wi-Fi to minimize IT workload, reduce the cost of connecting equipment to a network, and improve the printer’s mobility. Future options will also include webserver capability that allows users to access printers via supported web browsers on host computers and automated troubleshooting for faster recovery from faults.

“The integrated Wi-Fi provides an easy and secure way for users to communicate with the 1580 + printer,” stated Xavier Chaveton, Business Unit Director for Videojet. “The webserver capability allows up to five web server sessions for each printer. When you combine all this, you have a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use printer that is ideal for a full array of consumer-packaged goods and industrial production lines.”

The Videojet 1580 + is based on the proven Videojet 1580 platform and enabled with Videojet OPTIMiZE software to analyze printer performance, operator behavior and environmental conditions. Interactive OPTIMiZE tools help guide operators to correct printer usage patterns that could lead to unplanned downtime, impact line productivity or increase total cost of ownership.

The easy-to-operate, 10-inch Videojet SIMPLICiTY™ touchscreen interface in the 1580 + printer is designed to greatly reduce operator interactions and potential user errors. Intelligent message creation functionality and customizable interfaces with built-in wizards allow operators to only see the options they need, reducing the chance for operator errors. Guided “how-to” videos are embedded to assist users with their printer interactions. In addition, 1580 + users can view printer performance and receive expert on-screen diagnostics, analytics and guides to help correct printer problems.

The Videojet 1580 + relies on a combination of technologies that further help to increase uptime. A built-in make-up fluid reserve tank enables the printer to run for a minimum eight hours after the cartridge is empty. This allows operators to delay replacement of the cartridge until normal line changeovers or shutdowns. A proven perforated printhead with optional Videojet CleanFlow™ technology requires less frequent cleaning, resulting in longer runs and consistent print performance. Operators can also quickly perform routine maintenance with easy-to-change Videojet SmartCell™ color-coded components. Engineered for predictable replacement intervals, these items can be serviced during normal line shutdowns without additional production downtime.

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