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Videojet launches new black ink for aerospace part marking applications

Videojet launches new black ink for aerospace part marking applications

Videojet ink experts develop black opaque ink for its 1710 continuous inkjet (CIJ) pigmented printers, designed to deliver bright, clean codes on difficult to mark surfaces

Wood Dale, Illinois –  September 16, 2016 – Functional materials and protective coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the aerospace and automotive industry in order to meet critical safety and performance requirements at reasonable cost1. As more materials are developed, the demand for improved print quality and ink adhesion is also increasing.

With so many parts and varying substrates in the aerospace and automotive industry, such as metal, plastic, rubber and ceramic, it is important to have certified inks to meet part marking specifications. Videojet manufactures over 640 application-unique fluids, and produces more fluids and supplies than any other industrial coding and marking manufacturer.

In response to industry needs for improved print quality on parts, Videojet Technologies Inc., a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, has launched a new black opaque ink for its CIJ range of pigmented printers.

Dry time on materials such as steel is often between 4 and 6 seconds, and dry time is reduced to between 1 and 3 seconds on porous materials such as paper. The new pigmented ink can be utilized to create bright, clean codes on surfaces for which dye-based inks are not effective.

Sherry Washburn, Business Unit Manager, Supplies, at Videojet explains “This ink has been specifically formulated for the 1710 CIJ printer, and will replace our current 16-2000 ink. The properties of the new ink are identical to the 16-2000 ink, which has previously been approved and listed within a variety of aerospace part marking specifications used by many suppliers and manufacturers in this industry.”

The Videojet 1710 CIJ printer utilizes the Smart Cartridge™ fluid delivery system to virtually eliminate spills, ensuring the correct fluids are being used and verifying fluids are within their expiration date. The new ink is now available in 600ml cartridges, and the corresponding make-up fluid in 750ml cartridges.

Washburn concludes, “Listening to customers is a key ingredient of our ink innovation process. Formulation of the new pigmented black opaque ink is another example of how Videojet continues to expand the ink types available for our customers and printing applications.”

The new black opaque ink can be used in the current Videojet 1710 CIJ printer, for use with pigmented inks. The 1710 CIJ greatly improves uptime, lowers maintenance requirements and improves print quality, making these printers ideal for the aerospace and automotive industry.

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