Plastic- Printing on Plastic Bottles

Printing on Plastics in Kenya
Coding on PET bottles
Printing on caps and lids


The shape, size and composition of both clear and coloured plastic bottles and enclosures are constantly changing. Codes on these containers can be intended for consumer use, such as ‘best before’ or “use by” dates, or include production data used for supply chain management. Fortunately there are several robust technology options for coding onto plastic bottles. Videojet Code Assurance solutions help to simplify your processes and empower you to get the right code in the right place, on the right product, time after time .

Recommended technologies for plastic

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)

  • high-speed, non-contact printing, even on irregular shapes
  • SmartCartridge TM fluid delivery system means virtually no mess, no waste, and no mistakes fluid replenishment

Laser Marking Machines

  • no inks or fluids required, reducing your environmental footprint
  • wide range of laser lenses, powers and technology types make sure that you can print on most kinds of plastics

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