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The fiber laser range was developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who work with robust, high-density packaging materials on moderate or high-speed lines.

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  • Checkweigher

Code integration with checkweighing equipment leverages the checkweigher’s precise material handling to improve overall print and DataMatrix quality.


Thermal inkjet (TIJ)

Ink-based, non-contact printing using heat and surface tension to move ink onto a package surface. Generally used to print 2D DataMatrix and other bar codes.


Laser Marking Systems

A beam of infrared light focused and steered with a series of carefully controlled small mirrors to create marks where the heat of the beam interacts with the packaging surface.

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Coding pharmaceutical vials with Videojet 7510 Fibre Laser or Videojet Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)
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Fiber Laser applies logo on stainless steel