Efficient Method for the Packaging Industry

Coding of cardboard box packaging

Over the past two decades, valve jet has been used primarily for applying coding onto cardboard box packaging. This method of inkjet printing is the simplest, from a technical viewpoint.

Relatively low pressure

Integrated into the device is an ink system, which retains the ink under relatively low pressure. In addition, the housing accommodates an electronic controller and a printhead. The printhead is connected to the ink system and the controller via a flexible line.

Feed-in to nozzles

Ink is fed from the ink system to the printhead, where it supplies the available nozzles. There are variants with 7 or 16 nozzles, with a typical diameter of approx. 200 µm.

Control of the valves

The nozzles are fitted with individual valves, which can be opened or closed as required. The electronic controller opens the relevant valve when an ink drop is required. An individual ink drop is forced out under slight pressure and is applied to the material.

  • Extremely simple inkjet printing technology 
  • Suitable for the packaging industry

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