The Videojet 1280 Continuous Inkjet Printer

VideojetConnectTM Remote Service*

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CIJ printers with optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service deliver on-board
 remote service capability. Receive instant access to the world’s largest network
 of CIJ experts at the touch of a finger, and bring the technician directly to your line
to aid troubleshooting and remote printer recovery. No other technology delivers
help faster to ensure you make the right decisions when needed.

Remote Alerts:
Be the 1st to know

Real-time notification of printer needs,
warning or fault conditions

Empowering you to act more quickly, intelligent software
dispatches immediate email notifications that inform
you of any irregularities or faults that could affect
your Videojet printer’s performance.

Be the 1st to respond

Instant visibility to valuable printer activity

Enabling proactive responses, you can now see the status
of all the Videojet printers in your plant and drill down to
detailed information on an individual unit. Configuration
values can be quickly viewed without complicated
navigation, and performance graphs can track a unit’s
history and help identify the cause of downtime events.

Remote Recovery:
Be the 1st to recover

With remote recovery, Videojet expertise is virtually a
click away

With remote access capabilities, your in-house experts or
Videojet Technical Support can electronically access your
Videojet printer’s operating system, troubleshoot, and
even make needed setting adjustments for you online.
This virtual access can help you recover quicker, and
often without the need for an on-site service call.

* Subject to availability in your country