Speciality Continuous Inkjet Printers

Videojet’s speciality continuous inkjets provide coding solutions for challenging and niche applications. These include:

  • Small Character Inkjets for extremely small print areas
  • Pigmented Inkjets for high contrast on dark and hard to mark substrates
  • Dual Printhead Inkjets for multi-lane/ multi-location coding

Videojet 1610 DH

Videojet 1610 Dual Printhead CIJ Printer
  • Dual printhead for printing more content
  • Maximum line speed: 293 m/min (960 ft/min)

Videojet 1710

Videojet 1710 Pigmented Ink Continuous Inkjet Printing Machine
  • Utilises pigmented inks to print  high contrast codes
  • Maximum line speed: 271 m/min (888 ft/min)

Videojet 1620 HR

Videojet 1620 High Resolution CIJ Printer
  • Ideal for micro print applications
  • 0.6mm minimum print height
  • Maximum line speed 348m/min

Videojet 37pc

Videojet 37pc Postal Barcode Printing Machine
  • Designed for mail piece identification with postal barcodes
  • Maximum line speed: 274 m/min (900 ft/min)

Videojet Excel UHS

Videojet Excel UHS High Speed Printer
  • Legacy benchmark for high speed applications
  • Maximum line speed: 338 m/min (1111 ft/min)
  • 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS are latest generation technology