Laser Marking Systems

Videojet Lightfoot™ Canning Laser solution

Innovative fiber laser solution for
high-speed canning applications

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Get ahead of the pack with a comprehensive
fiber laser system tailor-made to set your
beverage production up for success

Seamlessly transition to laser with a system designed
specifically for high-speed canning operations.

The all-in-one turnkey Videojet canning system combines the
speed of dual Lightfoot marking heads with the reliability of
advanced fiber laser technology to provide a solution designed
to meet the demanding production needs and harsh
environments of high-speed canning operations.

The comprehensive solution features a modular design to fit your
space, IP69 rated marking heads suitable for your environment,
and best-in-class safety measures to protect your operators.

Laser technology helps you focus on production instead of coding
operations. With virtually no maintenance, no consumables, and a
long laser life, you can expect high-quality, permanent codes with
minimal effort.