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Full line of laser control solutions

Videojet offers a range of laser interfaces to help control your Videojet laser marking systems, including Touch Control Software+ (TCS+), CLARiTY and SmartGraph.

Available with virtually any Videojet laser marking system, the laser controllers allow for simple operation and message creation.

Touch Control Software+ Laser Solution

Videojet Touch Control Software+ (TCS+) is designed to offer you flexible integration, simple operation and remote laser control through either the Videojet TU430 laser controller, or from virtually any browser-based device.

Available with most Videojet laser marking systems, the Videojet TU430 laser controller features a colour touchscreen interface, which is easier to use than previous Videojet models.

Uptime Advantage

  • Control Videojet lasers through either the Videojet TU430 laser controller, or from virtually any browser-enabled device
  • IP65 design is especially suited for harsh environments, where dust and humidity are a challenge

Code Assurance

  • Reduce the risk of rework and recalls with automated message and simple code entry functionality
  • Track system changes with the event logging feature
  • Minimize user induced coding errors and downtime through enhanced user access control

Simple Usability

  • Color touchscreen interface is easier to use than previous Videojet models
  • Ensure seamless operation in production lines with a common look and feel of the interface

Built-in Productivity

  • Flexibility in the choice of devices available to control and monitor Videojet laser marking system status
  • No need to download additional software
  • Line setup wizard for fast integration and new product introduction
  • Easy-to-use free-form template editor for fast content creation and management

CLARiTY Laser Controller 

CLARiTY Laser Controller is designed to address your production realities where downtime is not an option and maximum productivity means getting the right code on the right product time after time.

Available with virtually any Videojet laser marking system, CLARiTY’s intuitive touchscreen interface allows for simple operation and continuous improvement in uptime and productivity.

Maximised Uptime

  • Minimise the frequency and duration of unplanned downtime caused by reworking incorrectly coded products.
  • Message creation and job set up is streamlined to start coding products quicker
  • On-board diagnostics identify faults quicker so you can fix them and get the line back up and running fast.

Code Assurance Software

  • Simplified message selection helps the operator choose the correct message for the print job.
  • Restrict operator inputs to the absolute essential points of contact only.
  • Automated messages with pre-defined rules prevent incorrect data entry.
  • Restricted calendar stops invalid dates being applied to products.
  • Permission controls manage user access

Simple Operator interactions

  • Interactive colour touchscreen provides instant visibility of day-to-day operations on-screen from 180 degree angle
  • Quick access to common laser marking tasks
  • On-screen message preview to ensure the correct job is printed
  • Simple wizard tool makes line set-up quick and easy.
  • Flexible bracket design allows tilt or rotate positions to install cables from above or below for seamless integration.

Improve productivity

  • On-screen fault information displayed in a logical way to identify faults and fix them quickly.
  • Built-in diagnostics help you hit your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) targets.
  • Eliminate the root cause of downtime to achieve sustainable improvements. 


PC software interface for the creation and production of marking jobs especially for mark-on-the-fly applications and general laser marking including alphanumerical codes, serial numbers, barcodes and 2D codes. Smart Graph is also used for laser system configuration, parameter setting, template creation and job setup and editing.

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Touch Control Software+ Laser Solution