Latest Industrial Printers

Videojet industrial printers help customers in the consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries to print batch codes, barcodes, dates and other variable information onto their product packaging.

The newest industrial printing solutions easily integrate into production lines to enable high volume, high performance printing in almost any industrial manufacturing environment. They help customers improve production efficiency and reliability, protect and grow their brands, and stay ahead of industry trends and regulations.

Industrial Printer Technologies

Videojet’s recently launched industrial printing machines for coding and marking include innovative Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ), Laser Marking Systems, Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO),  Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ) and Case Coding Printers, as well as Print & Apply Labelling Systems (LPA).

Recently launched Printers for Industrial Coding and Marking

Videojet 1880 Industrial Inkjet

Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet Printer
  • Harness digital capabilities to reduce downtime with Videojet MAXIMiZE™
  • Extend interval between printhead cleanings with the 1880 ink build-up sensor and auto-rinse feature
  • Optimise for washdown with a 316 grade stainless steel, IP66 rated cabinet

Videojet Lightfoot™ canning solution

Videojet Lightfoot™ canning solution for beverage industry
  • Seamlessly transition to a turnkey fiber laser system designed specifically for beverage canning
  • Achieve speeds of up to 100k cans/hour with dual Lightfoot™ marking heads
  • Enable washdown without disruption with an IP65 rated system design

Videojet 1580 Industrial Inkjet

Videojet 1580 Continuous Inkjet Commercial Printer
  • Easy to operate tablet-inspired 10” touchscreen display with SIMPLICiTY™ interface
  • Replace preventive maintenance components easily and reliably, with no additional production downtime
  • Monitor printer operations and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with Videojet OPTIMiZE

Videojet 7230 / 7330 Laser Marking Machine

Videojet 7230/7330 Fiber Laser Machines
  • 10-Watt & 20-Watt Industrial Laser Printer for marking permanent quality codes on robust, high-density materials
  • Light, compact and adaptable laser marking solutions offering high-speed marking, with complex data, easy operability and industry-leading integration capabilities
  • Designed for demanding production schedules in the direct Parts-Marking, Food, Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Pharmaceutical industries

Videojet 7340 / 7440 Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  • 20-Watt and 30-Watt fiber lasers featuring the new LightfootTM marking head, making them easy to integrate, operate and service
  • Lightfoot marking head is one of a kind, smallest in the industry both in size and weight, and IP69 rated for use in washdown and harsh environments
  • Designed to deliver high-quality, permanent codes for a wide range of marking applications – ideal solution for parts-marking, food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers who have space limitations, are looking for simple integrations, or do frequent rapid changeovers.

Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet

Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet Commercial Printer
  • Predictability and productivity in continuous inkjet printing
  • Includes industry first predictive ink-build up sensor and innovative nozzle system
  • Maximises line throughput and production quality with Videojet LifeCycle Advantage™
  • New SIMPLICiTY™ tablet inspired interface greatly reduces operator interactions

Videojet 3640 Laser Marker

Videojet 3640 Industrial CO2 Laser Coder
  • 60W CO2 laser marking with optional CLARiTY™ touchscreen controller, engineered to minimise coding mistakes
  • Fastest laser marking system with mark speed capability of up to 2,100 characters per second
  • High-speed serialisation for pharmaceutical and tobacco applications, delivering unique and serialised codes at high production speeds
  • Widest marking field reduces the number of lasers that are required to cover multi-lane / wide web applications, reducing investment and running cost

Videojet 7810 UV Laser Marking System

Videojet 7810 Ultraviolet Laser Marking Equipment
  • 2-Watt Ultraviolet wavelength
  • Permanent, high contrast marks on HDPE/LDPE and DuPontTM Tyvek® packaging
  • Marks up to 250 products per minute with no code distortion on rotary devices

Videojet 7510 Fiber Laser Marking System

Videojet 7510 Fiber Laser Marking Equipment
  • 50-Watt fiber laser marks high contrast at high speed
  • Quality marking on robust plastic and metal materials
  • Maximum single line speed: 440m/min (1440 ft/min)

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