What are Cartoning Machines?

Cartoning machines are divided into horizontal and vertical cartoning machines, depending on the position in which the carton is fed through the machine.

Vertical Cartoning Machines:

On vertical cartoning machines, the carton is fed through the machine in a vertical position and the product is inserted manually or automatically, most often from the top of the machine. Vertical cartoning machines are suitable for packaging “bare” products that can or must be supplied by gravity, and which are sold by weight or volume. Examples include rice, dry pasta, etc.

Horizontal Cartoning Machines:

On horizontal cartoning machines, the product is inserted from the side of the carton. These cartoners can operate in continuous or intermittent mode, with the option of automatic lateral loading of the product into the carton, and closure of the ends by hot-melt application or flap insertion. Horizontal cartoning machines are commonly used in the packaging of food products such as pizzas and cakes, vacuum-packed rice or coffee, cereals, etc.

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