What is a Barcode?

Videojet offers different technologies to enable you to select the best labeller or barcode printer for your product.

The barcode is a type of numerical code with lines or bars containing individual and precise information on a product. The printing of this code on any product helps ensure effective traceability, as this symbol stores information such as expiry date, batch number, general information, date of processing, etc.

The clearer and more legible the barcode, the easier it is for optical readers to interpret the encrypted information of the product, which is why Videojet is the best option to print your barcodes.

Barcode Printer
Have you already requested and wish to print or label your barcode on your production line?

Videojet has different technologies and machines to print the barcode on any type of surface:

Linear or 1D Barcodes
These are used to store codes, either numerical or alphabetical, using a linear combination of bars and spaces of different sizes.

2D Barcodes

These store data in both the height and the width of the symbol. The main advantage of this bar code is that it can store large amounts of data with high security.

Bar code printers for type A codes:

  • Thermal inkjet printers
  • Heat transfer
  • Laser marking systems

Bar code printers for type B codes:

  • Continuous inkjet printers

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