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Dutch Gold Honey harvests savings with upgraded coding solution from Videojet

Dutch Gold Honey relies on a complete coding solution from Videojet to quickly and accurately code both the product packaginge and cases to successfully meet customer requirements.

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Unilever drives productivity with the Videojet 3340 laser marking system

Watch how Unilever utilizes the Videojet 3340 CO2 laser for their marking needs.

Learn more about our high performance Videojet 3340 CO2 Laser marking system here.

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Diageo Baileys improves operational efficiency with Videojet 3320 laser marking systems

Videojet helps improve operational efficiency through innovative coding solution at a world-leading drinks business. Videojet 3320 laser marking systems give Diageo Baileys the opportunity to increase productivity and maximize the uptime of their lines, while benefiting from excellent print quality to enhance their packaging design.

Explore more about Videojet high performance or light duty CO2 laser marking systems.

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Customer Testimonial

Avon Brazil trialed the Videojet 3350 Smart Focus laser marking system for their production line.

See how the Smart Focus head helps reduce their downtime and simplify product changeovers.

Learn more about our high performance Videojet 3350 CO2 Laser marking system here.

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What coding technology is best suited for the beverage industry?

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) and laser coding technology for coding beverage packaging

Printing best-by dates, lot codes, and other information onto packages is an essential task for every beverage manufacturer. Retailers look at this information to assist them with stock rotation and consumers look for this information to check for product freshness. However, printing the required information is not as straightforward as it sounds. There are many elements that must be considered when selecting the right type of coding solution for your specific beverage production line.

Watch Videojet global business unit managers discuss the merits of continuous inkjet and laser coding technologies within the beverage industry, challenges faced by beverage manufacturers, and the factors to consider when selecting CIJ or laser.

Read more about coding requirements in the beverage industry here.

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Printing and labeling in the cosmetics, personal and home care industries

In an industry where the spectrum of applications is vast, and where packaging types and materials vary from product to product, having the flexibility to keep up with constant change is critical. Even more critical is the ability to do this while increasing operational efficiency and protecting your brand. Coding and marking may be one small part of your production process, but getting it right can make a big difference to your overall productivity.

Learn more about marking and coding needs in cosmetics, personal, and home care products here.

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Code Assurance helps to prevent coding errors in the auto/aero markets

Coding mistakes due to operator error can cost automotive and aerospace manufacturers thousands of dollars, whether in the form of wasted product, rework, or rejected products from customers. Videojet Code Assurance solutions can help prevent coding errors, improving throughput and reducing code-related product quality issues that create waste.

Learn more about how Videojet provides solutions for marking and coding requirements in the automotive and aerospace industries here.

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Coding particle filtering masks (FFP2, N95, KN95) with the Videojet 7810 UV Laser

The Videojet 7810 2-Watt UV laser marking system delivers permanent, high-contrast marking on particle filtering masks (FFP2, N95, KN95).

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